Individual Therapy

  • Individual therapy appointments are offered virtually, by phone or in-person (at 40 Wynford Drive)
  • Sessions are person-centred, meaning that the needs of the person seeking therapy are placed front and centre
  • Therapeutic modalities used may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapies – although, often a blend of interventions are used
  • Please note that therapy is only offered to individuals 18 years of age and up
  • Issues discussed in therapy may include mood disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, or Bipolar disorder, and mental health challenges with or without diagnosis, managing stress, life transitions and personal growth, racism and/or racial identity, gender identity, sexuality, relationship with self and others, grief and loss, trauma from childhood or throughout the lifespan, intergenerational trauma – etc.

Group Therapy

  • Group therapy is a great way to connect with others with similar lived experiences, to gain support, learn from each other, and heal as a collective
  • Group size is typically 6-12 people, and may have one or two facilitators
  • Groups can be a more cost-effective way to access support, as group session fees tend to be less than individual sessions
  • Please stay tuned for updates about upcoming groups!


  • Workshops are typically provided for academic institutions, community spaces and professional organizations
  • Past workshops have covered topics such as youth and adult mental health, trauma-informed care, self-care and wellness, grief and loss
  • Please send Natalie an email if you are interested in hosting a workshop or workshop series!

Public Speaking

  • Similar to workshops, public speaking engagements are typically offered to larger groups, such as professional conferences, meetings or events that include key note speakers or panelists
  • Past speaking engagements have covered topics such as anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches to healthcare, trauma-informed care, mental health and wellness, self-care and work-life balance
  • Please send Natalie an email if you are seeking a speaker for your event!

Past Engagements:

  • Canada Broadcasting Company (CBC): Panelist for “Pandemic and Beyond: Mental Health Matters”, Guest Speaker on “Black and Vulnerable” Web Series
  • McMaster University: Speaker at the Annual Trauma-Informed Care Conference 2020
  • Brain Injury Canada: Speaker at the Annual Brain Injury Canada Conference 2021
  • Neurological Health Charities Canada: Workshop Facilitation for Staff
  • Wilfrid Laurier University: Workshop Facilitation for Students
  • Our Women’s Voices: Panelist for “Release and Restore” Healing Circle
  • Scarborough Arts: Youth Workshop Facilitation